Dentinor was for the first time in IDS Koln 2019. There was a big interest for our products from all over the world. Especially DENTILINE


Dentinor is a Norwegian company with dental laboratories in Norway and Greece.

Our vision is to make your every day easier in the clinic. We want to deliver proud moments for you and your patients.

Dentinor can deliver worldwide with the feeling of your local lab.

We are more than 30 people working for Dentinor from more than 6 different countries creating a multicultural and a friendly environment.


  • Tormod Berg
    Tormod Berg CEO Dentinor NO
  • Niclas Kristiansen
    Niclas Kristiansen sales dentinor no
  • Thomas Möhring
    Thomas Möhring lab manager Dentinor NO
  • Stavros Evangelinos
    Stavros Evangelinos Managing Director Dentinor GR
  • Espen Hatlo
    Espen Hatlo master technician Dentinor NO
  • Mimis Fragkos
    Mimis Fragkos Digital Orthodontics Dentinor GR
  • Alexandros Karypidis
    Alexandros Karypidis Cad-Cam Dentinor GR
  • Therese Engelstad
    Therese Engelstad Administration dentinor NO
  • Susanne Haight
    Susanne Haight Administration Dentinor NO
  • Evy Dvergastein
    Evy Dvergastein Administration Dentinor NO
  • Remus Alixandrache
    Remus Alixandrache Models dentinor no
  • Dimitra Taxidou
    Dimitra Taxidou Aesthetics dentinor no
  • Ingrid Lyngstad
    Ingrid Lyngstad Dentures dentinor no
  • Mette Neslow
    Mette Neslow Dentures dentinor NO
  • Line Tanberg
    Line Tanberg Aesthetics dentinor no
  • Cindy Tran
    Cindy Tran Aesthetics dentinor NO
  • Kostas Gavriil
    Kostas Gavriil Cad-Cam Dentinor GR
  • Zafeiris Andrikopoulos
    Zafeiris Andrikopoulos Cad-Cam Dentinor GR
  • Eleni Evaggelinou
    Eleni Evaggelinou Administration Dentinor GR
  • Irene Koulitsi
    Irene Koulitsi Production Orthodontics
  • Terje Walderhaug
    Terje Walderhaug CAD-CAM Dentinor NO
  • Irvin Birchler
    Irvin Birchler CAD-CAM Dentinor NO

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